I had such lofty goals for this summer.  Plans of canning james and jellies and salsas and other goodies kind of went out the window.  I got the jars…..I planted the garden…..and that’s where it ended.  My pantry still lies empty….well that’s not totally true if you count the cans and boxes from the grocery store – but you know what I mean.

I pinned this beauty some time ago – – with my visions of pretty baskets of home canned goodies wrapped in ribbons and left on my friends’ porches – haha!  Anyhow – I could have brought them some jars….at this point, they are all still empty – but it could still happen.

The recipe called for red jalapenos….umm….what?  In my overcrowded garden, I had planted thai red chilis…..yes….those would do.  I picked what I had – all 2 of them…..and proceeded to make some of the yummiest dipping sauce around.  I opted to use corn starch instead of the potato starch or clear gel.  I think if I decide to make a larger batch I will order some of the clear gel…..seems to be the recommendation and the price on Amazon seems to win everyone over……..though I haven’t checked to see if they will ship to Canada yet so I could have another one of those dreams that will never come to fruition.  LOL!

The recipe was VERY easy to follow and VERY easy to prepare.  My sauce was not a bright red like in the blog that I used……mine came out more of an orange colour…..but the taste – oh my!  I tested it with store bought spring rolls (I know – gasp!) – but thinking that I must have a pin in my stash for spring rolls or fresh rolls that I can whip up for the next BBQ I attend.  Can’t just bring a plain old potato salad you know!

If you are not one for spicy, I would say skip this pin…….but….if you are……this one gets a high five from me!  I will definitely be keeping it on my “food” board and will make it over and over!  Have a great day!