When I was growing up my Grandfather and my mother both had amazing gardens.  They both had huge green houses full of enough vegetables to feed 10 families.  I tried a garden about 10 years ago……I got one crop of lettuce and a few bitter cucumbers.  I’ve attempted patio tomatoes a few times….with very little success.  I am not the farmer in the dell.

I have been pinning gardening ideas for a while – all with lofty visions of hand picked salads on the table every night and a pantry of pickles and salsa for the winter.  Oh I am a dreamer!  My mom gave me a little money for Easter and I decided that I would go for it – I was going to build  myself a raised garden this summer!  And I did it….I used this pin as inspiration – http://www.bohofarmandhome.com/2011/03/garden-and-raised-beds.html. My bed turned out quite similarly…..but I’ve got a lot to learn about gardening in a small space!  I planted cucumber, tomato, sweet red pepper, hot thai red pepper, onion, lettuce, jalapeno and zucchini.  All in a 5×10 plot.  Do you know how much space 4 tomato plants need?  Not to mention 4 cucumber plants?  I didn’t….but I do now!  I guess I should have paid more attention to the pin about square foot gardening!  The tomato plants have taken over and the cucumbers are growing outside of the bed…..BUT I am getting veggies every day!  Next year I’ll be more selective……who needs a gabillion tomatoes anyhow?

This is when we first planted our little seedlings:


This is last week:


I’ve been able to harvest a few cucumbers a day for the past few weeks….and one zucchini and 2 hot peppers so far.  There are lots of green tomatoes…..and if the weather doesn’t warm up I could be searching for recipes for green tomato relish!  But it’s been fun…..and I’ll do better research on small space gardening for next summer!