When I was a kid, my mom made almost everything we ate from scratch.  With the exception of cereal, bread (most days) and Rice a Roni……I didn’t eat a whole lot at home that came out of a box or a jar until I left for University.  I really didn’t realize it until I moved away and my staple meal was Kraft dinner (no – no Kraft dinner in our house).  So needless to say, a treat in our house was anything out of a box!  Sounds weird I know….I loved going for lunch to my grandmother’s….she would make us Zoodles out of a can….I thought they were fantastic!  One of my favorite treats to buy when I had money to go to the corner store was Vachon Flakies…..I LOVED the cream filling with the fruit and the pastry dusted with sugar.  I’m not going to lie – I bought a box the other day when they were on sale at the grocery store – still as good as I remember.  YUM!

Naturally, when I saw this site on Pinterest (http://www.nlrockrecipes.com/2009/02/blueberry-lemon-mini-puff-pastries.html), I had to try to make them…..homemade flaky?  Ummm – yes please! 

I have always been a bit intimidated by puff pastry or filo or anything that seems to be delicate when baking….I’m not such a delicate gal.  The first batch I made I used premade dough that came in a little brick – it had to be rolled out and let’s just say, the little flakies were a little odd shaped.  But that didn’t stop my friends from devouring them….AND my neighbour gave me her sheet of frozen puff pastry that she had in her freezer to make more!  Good thing…because the recipe makes a lot of filling.  The lemon buttercream is delicious but I didn’t use as much as what the editor of the blog used in hers……I didn’t want it to be overpowering.  And instead of blueberry preserves, I used blueberry pie filling…..because I love pie filling.  In a pie….or out of a pie…no matter.

The second batch that I made with the sheet of puff pastry turned out like a masterpiece….picture perfect!  The photo shows the blog photo on the left and my photo on the right (clearly I need some help with my camera and lighting…..).  Definitely a make again dessert!